New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (Associated Press)Mayor Bloomberg of New York or as his nickname suggests ‘NANNY BLOOMBERG’ is back at it after Big Gulp went down the drain by virtue of a Federal Appeals court rejecting Nanny-ism Control by the Mayor.

His latest mission of nanny protective care for resident of the City is Gun Control and after the US Senate SAID “NO”, Blooming Bloomberg has decided he will launch his OWN CAMPAIGN to “instruct and inform” NY City folks what is “best for them”.

At a measly cost of $12 Million cups of Joe ($1 dollar coffees), Nanny-berg has decided to spend “other people’s money” to get this message out that is so important to HIM!.

What is fascinating is the City is projecting a $2 BILLION deficit next year from its ENORMOUS BUDGET, and that is solely based on the Optimistic “revenue” projections in the budget. If that revenue fails to happen as the Budget says it will, that Deficit gets even bigger.

So one must ask the Nanny Major and Billionaire Bloomberg. “if this is such a BIG ISSUE to YOU, WHY DON’T YOU PAY FOR IT MR. MEGABUCKS?” The City certainly cannot afford it.

Perhaps this is another example of Hypocritical Democrat Liberals that tell Americans what THEY SHOULD DO. But do not the Liberal Democrat if they proceed to do it themselves. Hmm?

So here we have a VERY RICH guy. Why does he not whip out the AMEX CARD and swipe that $12 Million out of his own bank account? If he really is so bent out of shape about Guns, shouldn’t he follow the Obama Mantra? “Share the wealth”? Pay the $12 Million to promote the campaign and this way you get your say and YOUR EXPENSE, not the City’s.

I just don’t understand why Nanny-Berg doesn’t see the logic ?


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Obummer the socilaist Idiot I cannot wait until November 2012 when he is FIRED along all his crooked administration department heads Maybe then we can Arrest Holder for illegal arms smuggling
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